Best Blackout Tent for Better Sleep – Top 5

Thinking of spending your well-deserved vacation out in the open? Then, you may want to make sure you pack a blackout tent, especially if you’re going to improve your chances at a good night’s sleep while camping. That is why today, we’ll be sharing with you everything you need to know about some of the best blackout tent options for better sleep.

It goes without saying camping can be uncomfortable, especially in terms of sleeping; for those who have slept in a sleeping bag, you know this a little too well. A blackout tent will provide a safe and comfortable place for you to get your rest as you enjoy your adventure in the great outdoors. In other words, if you want to make sure your camping experience is a memorable one for you, your kids, and possibly older adults, a blackout tent is an essential piece of equipment.

Whether you are looking to buy your first blackout tent or perhaps to replace your current one, you’ll want to consider a few things before making a final choice. With many options in the market, it might sound challenging to know what would be a good option. Keep reading and get to know some of the best blackout tents for better sleep.

Blackout Tent FAQ’s

What is a blackout tent?

A blackout tent is a tent that utilizes various technologies, often named different things by different manufacturers, to reduce/block sunlight from entering your tent. It allows you to sleep for longer after sunrise while providing privacy at night by blocking people from seeing into your tent if you have lights on.

What does a blackout tent do?

Blackout tents block out sunlight in the sleeping area to allow your body to wake up on its own, not with the sun. It is also an excellent idea for a family with young children who still need a nap in the middle of the day.

Are blackout tents worth it?

It is worth considering a blackout tent for those who often wish they could get a better or longer night’s sleep on a camping trip. If you have young children, they are convenient to have; many are even dark enough to allow for afternoon naps if your little ones are particularly tired out.

Are black tents hotter?

Yes, black tents get hotter quickly when positioned in the sun and therefore are best for camping in the cooler seasons. The color black absorbs much more light and heat from the sun than white will.

Are blackout tents suitable for winter?

This technology is highly convenient if you have teens who like to sleep in, babies who need to take midday naps or someone who gets a headache and needs a break from the sunlight. A blackout tent can also keep the inside warmer in cold weather due to the tent’s dark material.

How do you blackout the inside of a tent?

The good idea is to use a blackout liner in the tent. The first and most effective strategy for darkening is to use a liner inside the tent to block out the sun. Clip or wrap your tarp or blankets around your poles all along the walls to block the sun. Avoid blocking windows or vents if you still want air to circulate.

What features to keep in mind when choosing a blackout tent?

  • Capacity: Give a quick count of how many you are going camping. If you are thinking about camping alone or with a single person, you can get a small blackout tent. It will be easier in terms of transporting and setting.
  • Ventilation: Ventilation is an important feature that doesn’t matter your tent type. You will be looking for an adjustable opening that will allow airflow. The mesh panels remain often hidden back after the rainfly used for light-blocking in the darkroom tent.
  • Storage pockets: Storage pockets are very effective if you really like staying organized. So, please opt for a tent that has multiple storage pockets.
  • Electric port: Electric ports are also crucial if you wish to camp with luxury. In this case, you have to go to a tent that belongs to an E-port. You will be able to use the electric cord inside your tent without opening any of its elements.
  • Waterproof: Make sure that all openings of your tent, such as vents and windows, have an awning, or the rest of the material can prevent water from getting inside.
  • Brands: Before you purchase, you need to ensure that the tent is blocked light rated.

Blackout Tent

Crua Outdoors Temperature Regulating Tent

The extra protection offered by the Crua Duo further enhances the Crua Culla Cocoon’s legendary blackout levels, noise reduction, and temperature regulation features.

You get to enjoy the best night’s sleep that you’ve had in the wild, ever. So good that you might need to set the alarm on your phone so you don’t miss the sunrise.

So you get two tents in 1. And it means you are pretty much ready for anything camping, hiking, whatever the weather.

Blackout Tent: Crua Outdoors Temperature Regulating Tent


  • Water-Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Tall
  • Breathable

Quechua Waterproof Camping Tent

Give yourself comfort with spacious rooms and good height. Leave your bags in the entrance without fearing the damp thanks to the porch. An end to the stress of leaving thanks to the Easy folding system.

Thanks to the tent’s patented Fresh & Black outer fabric, it offers 99% darkness even in broad daylight.

It is also heat resistant, featuring flysheet, mechanical ventilation, and Fresh & Black fabric to sleep well.

Blackout Tent: Quechua Waterproof Camping Tent


  • Easy Setup
  • Freestanding
  • Patented Fresh & Black outer fabric

Coleman Blackout Bedroom Technology Tent

The final home from home for weekends on the campsite or at festivals, the Kobuk Valley Plus is a practical extended dome tent with a large porch and comes complete with Coleman’s BlackOut bedroom technology so you won’t wake at first light.

Easy to pitch, the Kobuk valley plus has a stable dome construction with a peaked porch area that ensures optimum head height. The tent’s large front porch with PVC windows provides a bright and practical area to store gear.

Designed to stand up to the elements, the Kobuk valley plus pairs solid yet light fiberglass poles with a high-performance flysheet with an impressive 4500 mm hydrostatic head. Ventilation openings offer good airflow and reduced condensation.

Blackout Tent: Coleman Blackout Bedroom Technology Tent


  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Dome Shape
  • Pvc

Ohnana Cool 2-Person, Heat-Blocking Rayve II Tent

The Ohnana Tent stays much cooler than conventional tents: at an ambient temperature of 77ºF regular tents will heat up to 103ºF, while the Ohnana stays a comfortable 80ºF.

The Ohnana’s reflectivity ensures that almost no light can come inside. Gone are the days of the early morning sun keeping you awake.

The Rayve features two airgaps and a highly breathable inner tent, ensuring that you’ll wake up refreshed after a good night’s rest.

Blackout Tent: Ohnana Cool 2-Person, Heat-Blocking Rayve II Tent


  • Easy Setup
  • Heat Blocking
  • Light Blocking

EVER ADVANCED Darkroom Instant Cabin Tent

The blackout tent is perfect for sleeping in and allows you to have enough privacy space; it also keeps out most temp changes with the blackout fabric.

Three sizeable zippered mesh roll-up windows and overhead net windows for plenty of airflow and heat dissipation for the instant cabin tent.

The skylight offers an adequate vision for the camping tent while the rainfly protects against the rain. Storage bags of the instant pop-up tent can store keys, phones, etc.

Blackout Tent: EVER ADVANCED Darkroom Instant Cabin Tent


  • Internal Storage
  • Dark Room Tent
  • Portable
  • Waterproof

Now you have the obscurity you need to sleep better, but you may also need a tent cot to sleep more comfortably.


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Hunter Stone is a passionate outdoorsman with an insatiable appetite for adventure. Born and raised in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Hunter was surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and wildlife from a young age. It's no surprise that Hunter's love for the outdoors has only grown stronger as he's gotten older.
Photo of author
Hunter Stone is a passionate outdoorsman with an insatiable appetite for adventure. Born and raised in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Hunter was surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and wildlife from a young age. It's no surprise that Hunter's love for the outdoors has only grown stronger as he's gotten older.